Function band with a difference

Kent based covers band, covering a wide range of well known and recognised set of songs, aimed to entertain and get you dancing!

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We are a Kent based covers band that don't take ourselves too seriously, instead focusing on you the audience, having fun and entertaining. Known to migrate, whatever the event is, we pride ourselves on putting on a show and "working" with our audience.
We have a wide repertoire plucked from well known but sometimes surprising songs aimed to ruffle your feathers, including;

Indie, New Wave, Funk and Soul artists, as well as some classic Pop, Rock and Blues numbers.

The Budgies or "Chatter" (collective noun for Budgerigars), consist of a select variety of fully house trained specimens, often seen Squawking, Twanging, Rumbling, Plonking and Banging 

Guaranteed to get you dancing and to keep you entertained without the need to clean out the cage afterwards, so there is no excuse to stay at home.
We look forward to seeing you, so come and say hi.

Warning: Uncontrolled enjoyment imminent!




Budgie Band 2.jpg

One of the best bands we've heard in a long time.



Fantastic evening guys, great music, and as usual you had the place rockin!

Welcome back any time

DSC_6916 (2).JPG

GREAT BAND everyone had a really wonderful time at our summer party, lots of great tunes. Can highly recommend this band if you have an event !


We can't thank you enough for a fabulous evening at our wedding party. Everyone had a brilliant time and you smashed oops upside your head!!


Thank you so much you made the Plough Nye party. So professional and very entertaining and even made the effort to dress up in your pirate outfits.
You always deliver !

The Plough Langley
New Years Eve

Sheena & Martin, Wedding

Sandra Wilkinson, Private Party

The Woolpack, Tenderden

The Orange Tree, Cumbria


The Flock


Twang Budgie

A colourful budgie of an Orange & Black group found in the wild interior of Kent. Partial to cider and prefers carpet beneath it's feet.

Image 4_edited.png

Jules Budgie

A caring natured budgie but strong minded with deep repetitive tones. Known for its blues variations, but can adapt especially well in the wild.


Squawk Budgie

A vocal blue & grey variety, capable of mimicking speech & songs, known to produce rhythmic sounds and imitate others.

Plonk Budgie

A classic Budgie and natural leader. Sometimes mutations can occur and the more common sound will change to a high pitched song. 

Bang Budgie

The noisiest wild Budgie, typically green & yellow and one to be kept in a robust cage. Uses both legs and beak to produce rhythmic, repetitive sounds.




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